First: Never Last

Welcome! Again I thank you for reading. I am superbly excited to be writing my first post on my blog! I have been contemplating on when to begin and what to write about. I spent 4 hours making a list of topics I wanted to write about so I don’t begin with nothing. I had to share this picture because I LoVe it and I was heading to a ball with a friend of mine! 


If you didn’t read my ‘About’ me post then you do not know that my name is Geraldine. Do not ask me where my Mexican parents got that name from but I got it… yay lucky me! Not kidding but I am truly honored to have a unique and hard name to pronounce. Over the last …25+ years I have been on this earth I have learned sooo much and I love it. Learning is my thing… why? You ask… well ever since I can remember I have been a curious human being. I need to know how things work the way they do, why people act the way they do, why cultures are different, why my last employer wanted me to ask patients repeated questions each time they came into the office, why I had severe acne at a really young age till now! Phew… Learning is what I always have in mind that inspire me to be who I am.

Questions are my favorite! I question everything because I need to know WHY!?!?! I have gotten in trouble but I explain to them that, that is what I do and not to take it in a negative way.

When the whole blogging industry started to arise, along with online shopping, fashion vlogs, YouTube makeup videos, I wanted part of it. Just the blogging part. Writing is another passion of mine but I don’t do it because I am still trying to figure out what I am doing with my life… Yup… True… I want to be a Nurse to be able to help others and that’s another passion of mine. My mother taught me to think about others and help the world in any way I can. Writing is my side hobby that I don’t have time for because I am too busy worrying about school and nursing and working to pay off bills. So I said… “Fudge it! I have my Word Press site up and I haven’t wrote anything…I need to post today”, so here I am. Posting.

My family knows I am always late to everything but I always say “It’s better now than never!” and they agree! I am happy to be here and join the blogging family. You will see post on my daily life, the outfits I wear when I go out, how my Nursing career is going and about my Chloe + Isabel Jewelry business!

One day I hope to have my own business or a partnership with my siblings or boyfriend. Joining C+I, I am able to learn about owning a business, tools, marketing, partnerships, and merchandising. What I liked about C+I is the quality, dedication and passion the CEO- Chantel has for her company.

Thank you for reading, I hope I have sparked some interest in you to follow me and please do not hesitate to give me feedback! That’s the one way I know I am doing something right or wrong.