Style: Struggles

Are we created to be greedy or grow up being greedy? Growing up I didn’t have much, I never asked for anything either, I didn’t complaint either because I knew what my parents were able to afford.

When I began to make my own money I would spoil myself and siblings. Every paycheck I would ask my mom if someone needed new shoes, shirts or jeans. AND every paycheck I would buy something for myself as a reward for working. I also helped my parents with whatever I could since I wasn’t making a lot of money back then.

I struggled a bit when it came to finding clothing for me or finding my own style because I grew up having severe acne on my face, neck, back and chest (I still have scars). Till this day I have NEVER worn a tank top out in public because of my scars and some insecurities. Getting acne here and there as an adult really sucks but I learned how to deal with it. There was a strong acne medication that I began to take (Accutane)and that I was on for many years because my acne was so advanced. And after all my dermatology appointments and trying all sorts of creams and ointments I started to accept it and just find my own personal style. Where I could dress like a women, professional and sexy at the same time but be comfortable. I was never a fan of showing off cleavage, my tummy or lower back anyways so it was perfect.

Women can dress in an outfit wearing a sweater, skirt and heels but turn out looking amazingly sexy, especially if she has a great personality. It’s not always about what you show off that can be attractive, it’s how you present yourself.

I recently purchased a couple tops online that I really wanted to wear (I wear a uniform during the week). Over the weekend Roland and I decided to go out and enjoy the one sunny day we’ve had in Tacoma, since last year… I think. So, I wore a new top and even though it was a sweater I looked cute, I threw on some wedge booties and my C+I necklace to make my outfit sparkle. The picture below, Roland took when we discovered a pretty awesome football field at a local high school in downtown Tacoma. It was sunny but very windy, my hair was down and had a mind of its own when we were out there. I promise to work on my poses (facial expressions too) and picture quality… lol


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