Undecided: Mind & Career

Do you have a career that you are proud of? And is this what you always wanted to do?

If you answered No, to any of these questions I am with you. When I was in high school I never thought about college or getting a career. All my parents wanted me to do was graduate high school. That was it. The fact that my parents didn’t really ask about school, classes, college or anything, that never became a priority. All I wanted to do was work and have fun during my high school years.

My parents are traditional, Mexican parents who barley had the opportunity to attend middle school and didn’t know much about the school system in the sates. Yes, I agree… if they were really interested in my education they would have looked in to it.

After I graduated high school I worked 2 part time jobs and having the time of my life! Every weekend my cousins, close friends and I would get together, go dancing or crash a party we weren’t invited too (we did that a lot).  We didn’t do much drinking, neither of us were old enough and it wasn’t really our thing. We spent more time getting “cute” and all dressed up.

While working as a receptionist for 2 years, I decided I wanted to look into taking a course at Everest College (I blame the commercials… lol). It was so easy to get into the school and enroll in a program. I was interested in was Medical Administrative Assistant since I had some administrative experience already. The program was only 8 months long. When I completed it, I began to look for work and luckily I did! Within 1 month of graduating I began my new job and loved it! It was at a community health center, very different from what I was doing before. The workload and everything that came along with being the first person the patient sees was an amazing satisfaction. Helping people who are sick and need medical care was my calling… I then knew I wanted more! I wanted to be a supervisor… No a manager… No better yet, a Nurse!

After 6 months or so I began to look into local Community Colleges with a nursing program, their class schedules, how long it would take me to complete my pre requisites if I went to school part time or full time. How I would be able to manage school AND work, because I wouldn’t do just school full time and not have any income.

After debating and having things come up in life, I enrolled and till this day I am still working on my pre requisites. It’s very embarrassing having to put my education aside to work and pay off bills and debt. There are times when I regret things I did in my past that there is nothing I can do now but work harder to get where I want to be. I do not want my siblings to go through all I am currently going through to get a career and I push them and bug them to get a career they like and that’s growing. I am proud to say that all my siblings are in some school (elementary, high school and college) getting an education. I encourage them, I ask them about the classes they are taking, I offer my help if they need it. I just want them to be successful so they don’t have to be my age and still be in college, not that there’s nothing wrong but anyone can get it done and out of the way at an early age.

I continue to take my classes till 2018, then I will have the chance to finally apply for a nursing program. I thank god for giving me all this motivation to move forward in my education.

 Thank you for reading!