Socialite: Introvert

Hello again!

The past couple days I have noticed how really bad social skills I have… I am not proud of it either because as a merchandiser I need to be open to talking to random people. Yes, me going up to random people and talking, horrific right? LOL…

Every Tuesday there is a National Sales Meeting for all merchandisers from Chloe + Isabel. It’s pretty awesome because we go over the top sellers, tips, experiences and anything that is coming up. This week we had a District Manager from California give us some marketing, tips. She is a business women who supports and promotes local businesses. One topic she discussed was socializing! That’s when I really began to focus and listen to the video.

I personally have trouble going up to people and just initiate a conversation. I don’t think it’s being rejected that I fear it’s more the “ok so what happens now” the awkwardness that happens after. By changing the way I feel about socializing, like taking more of an advantage of meeting new people I think will work for me. What can I learn from this person? What is it about their style that I like? What do they do for a living? Do they speak Spanish? I would say though that speaking in Spanish makes me way more conformable, it’s like I connect to people in my own way.  

Trusting the unknown is what to look forward too. You never know what that persons story is that can maybe change your life. By having a positive attitude going in to a social setting will help too, because if I am in a bad mood or something just wrong happened on my way to my destination, it might all go downhill.

I am attending my first “Gossip & Glamour” Summit in Seattle tomorrow! I am very excited to meet local bloggers and fashionistas. I have to find the perfect outfit try to squeeze in a 20 min exercise session in the morning , do my hair, makeup, make sure to eat breakfast and take some business cards along with a notebook to write as much down as I can.

Hope you have a great weekend! Stay Posi+ive!



p.s. this picture says a lot, we are lonely but never completely alone

unsocial birdp