Industry: Tough Love

Hello everyone,

First and foremost I hope you had a fabulous weekend! As did I.

On Friday we had a date at Crockett’s in Puyallup, I found it after it was featured on Dinner, Drive-Ins and Dives so I definitely knew this place was going to be good and we were not wrong at all. Kudos to the workers for making the food in a time manner and the owner for having an amazing place. I really like to visit and support local hole in the wall restaurants and avoid chain restaurants. Not that I have anything against them, but I like trying new flavors and getting new experiences. When we arrived I ordered a Sunrise (see pic below).

drink crocketts

I had Simply Seared Salmon and Roland had a Green Chili Cheeseburger, both to die for. The place was crowded when we arrived and when we left so I am guessing its a popular place.




On Saturday (best part of my weekend), I went to my first Gossip & Glamour Summit in Seattle! G & G is a local PR and Marketing company who work with local fashion businesses. I was excited to attend, I think they were sold out, so I was lucky to have gotten in. It was at The Thompson, on 1st ave and Stewart St, The Thompson, a brand new beautiful hotel. BUT what made it all prefect was the sun, it came out! The conference room had windows all around so we had a glimpse of the sunshine and near Pike Place Market. At the summit there was a lot of lovely, powerful women that I was way too shy to speak to any of them. I was looking at their outfits, and how they all knew each other. The panel of ladies was amazing too, their stories inspired me to be who I really am, which I realize I am a Latina trying to be a well known, respected blogger because I don’t know of many in the PNW.

The night before I decided to wear my Northern Light Statement Necklace from my c+i boutique, I snapped a quick picture on my way there… see… I never know what to do with my hair so I decided to let it do its thing.

me blue seattle

I did feel a little overwhelmed, a bit left out and yes, I think there was people looking at me and thinking “Who is she”… I already know that look… but I was there for the exposure and experience. I thank Carla Marie from Power 93.3 in Seattle who was the only one to speak to me. She was a sweetheart! I follow her on IG now and she has a great bubbly personality and seems so energetic! Socializing isn’t my greatest skill, but now I know how those summits are and what to expect for next time, I will mentally prepare myself for those types events.

For the rest of my weekend, I went to my niece’s 9th birthday party, I got to see a couple old coworkers that I hadn’t seen in a while. I went to see my parents and spent more time with my man lol. Roland LOVEs cars, he is a car guy and I am soooo blessed for that because we don’t like staying at home watching sports games or anything like that. We rather be out and about exploring Washington or going to car shows which I love because you see all sorts of people and their cars.

Again, thank you for reading and hope you have a great week.