Goodbye: Cold Weather Arrays

Who doesn’t like warm natural sun light?

When I get older, like ready for retirement- older… I plan on moving to a sunny state… *hint *hint… Cali. People ask me why I still live in Seattle if I hate being cold and I say “I’m here because my parents are here”.  The weather has warmed up to me, but I really wouldn’t mind living in a warmer climate. There are going to be several life changing events happening later this year (I wont say yet). Just  stay tuned for now.

Washingtonian’s get used to the weather, yes we do, eventually. But when the sun peeks through just for a few moments we take advantage and wearing summer clothes! It sounds crazy but we do, I admit to be one of them.

On a typical day I wear a  light sweater, a blazer, light jacket, maybe a log sleeve shirt, but never a rain coat or trench coat. Which I have in my closet, I just don’t like to feel too tight. Unless its a dress, then that’s a different story. I remember being young and living in Fresno, California, we always wore shorts and a t-shirts. Then when we moved here, I was always cold even on warm days.

I wanted to share a couple outfits I wear during the cold seasons just so you have an idea of what a normal array looks like for me, living in a cold state. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!