My Military Experience 

This is a sensitive topic for me, I wont really talk much about it but I wanted to let me readers know why I decided to join and my experience so far.

I took this picture last month at a training, we had to practice how to put on this Chem gear and my partner just decided to snap a picture of me looking up like superwomen. LOL.

So this is the reasons why I decided to join:

Why: To get away from the norm of everyday life and serve my country in any way that I could. It was a decision made within a day or so. I did my reaearch and meet with my recruiter to begin my wnlistment process. It was way too fast, within 2 months I had my dates to go to basic training.

My Job in the AIr Force- I am a Squadron Aviation Resource Manager for an Aeromedical Unit which translates in the civilian world to almost an Airline Scheduler. I basically make sure all of our aircrew members are eligible to hop on a aircraft. I track their training and do other administrative tasks for the unit.

Training: Basic training is 7 weeks now, when I went in 2014 it was 8 weeks. It wasn’t physicaly hard but it was mentally difficult, there was so much to soak in and if you were not on your toes when asked a question, you had to know the answers. After basic, depending on your Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC- AF job position) you were sent to a Technical School to learn how tondo your job. The length of Tech School was based on your AFSC, mine was only 5 weeks.

People: My unit is very diverse, we have a lot of personalities and background that make us all unique. There are the cool older folks, we have the young kids, the tough funny girls, the smart asses, the computer savvy ones, the quiet ones, we have some members who are a little bit of everything LOL. But more important we have a big away from home family, we all help each other and respect each other deeply.

Benefits: There are many benefits, if you are interested you can go to that is usually my go to site for random questions I may have. I am grateful to be a part of the military and I wish I could’ve made the decision to join when I had graduated high school. I think I would have made a career out of it and traveled a lot!

I have a contract of 6 years (3 years to go) I am not aure if I will reenlist or commission to become an officer when I get may bachelors degree. Life happens and I will just go with whatever is happening in my life at the time. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. This is most of what I have to say. Its not much but those are the main reasons and feelings I have.

Thanks for reading.