Aviation: My Weekend Array

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend with friends and family. I spent Saturday out and about with Roland at the Museum of Flight at Boeing in Seattle. Roland is a huge fan of Museums- basically anything that is touristy. We should know what our city has to offer right? The only way of knowing is to going out and exploring it.

We also have an agreement that each month we have a weekend where each of us decides what we will be doing. This last weekend was Roland’s weekend so we did what he wanted to do. Next weekend its my weekend and I am debating on going to a Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon (North of Seattle) or going to the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP).

Those of you who know me I like to dress up anywhere I go, event to the grocery store because you never know who you are going to see. Plus, if you look good…. you feel good. I decided to wear my bright blue open shoulder top with my favorite black faux fur vest and new booties from Charlotte Russe (click here to see booties) on sale now!

Also, I am not a fan of coats so I knew I might be a little cold walking to and from the car, which I knew I’d be ok with. I was very comfortable with my booties, all day. We walked for about two hours (the museum is huge) and then we went to Southcenter mall- AMC afterwards to watch Beauty & the Beast. I love old Disney movies, so it was a must see, I recommend everyone go watch it too! My top is from Ross and my black faux leather jeans are old, probably from Ross too.




Thank you for reading, if you have any questions please contact me!