Spring Classes: Expectations

Buenos Dias! Namaste! and Hello!

I want to thank you all for the support by reading my blog and I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your loved ones, as I did too. The weather was very warm, and everyone was out enjoying the sun. Roland and I went to Bainbridge Island for the first time, it was so much fun. We did a wine tasting at Eleven, we visit the Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts, we drove around the Island and hopped back on the ferry to come back home.

This spring quarter I am currently taking Sociology and Public Speaking yay…  I seriously encourage everyone to take public speaking no matter what degree you are planning to get. Taking this class will teach you how to prepare speeches, how to overcome stage fear, and how to control your nerves.

These are some tips I started to adapt that I recommend:

  • Breath! As soon as you get on stage just take a deep breath and look at your audience.
  • Make eye contact with  your audience so they feel like you are connecting with them
  • Speak slow, but NOT too slow, it helps you think about what you will say next
  • Turn your nerves into excitement!
  • Know your material by practicing days in advance, NEVER wing it
  • Have fun with it, smile and make it a great experience

I like the last bullet, I think that if you have fun or make it seem like its just another speech for you to get better at public speaking it will make it easier. Also, if you smile, your audience will smile back and nod which will get you motivated to continue.

Dedicated and motivation! Moving to my current status on nursing :/ I really can not wait until I am close to finishing up my pre- requisites and getting ready to apply for a bunch of RN programs! The excitement is building up because I know that hard work and late nights will pay off.

To finish off today, I wanted to share these pictures from my weekend, I really recommend you check out BIMA and Chris Maynard Featherfolio! He has some amazing pieces that had me with my mouth open! Very, very unique. Also, if I want to do anther wine tasting I will go back to Bainbridge Island and go to a vineyard.