Travel: Reality vs Dream

Who has planned a vacation but never had the opportunity to go? Whether it was because of work, school, or it just came to fast that you didn’t save enough money?

Growing up my family didn’t have many family vacations, we did go to local one day trips to visit family or the park. My mom took me to Mexico when I was 2 butI don’t remember.Then the more children they had it was just harder to travel. But now that we are older they encourage us to travel and go see places. The best advice my mom gave me was to “Get yourself everything you want because we never know when our last day on earth will be”. I took that to heart and I do everything that comes to mind LOL, literally, that’s how I joined the military.

But what I wanted to get out of this post was show you that even with little money you can take small trips (locally or a weekend getaway). What I have promised to do is take 4 mini trips a year (every 3 months). Or take two week long vacation to a new destination. I feel like we work too much to not reward ourselves. One thing we did was create a bucket list of places we want to go in the next 3 years. This list also includes things we want to do in Washington while we are still here.

Here are some tips I wanted to share with you on what I do to plan and enjoy a vacation on a budget!

  • Where do you want to go? and when is the best time to go?
  • Request your time off work if you have an employer, or get some work done ahead of time if you work for yourself.
  • Book your trip and hotel ahead of time, at least two months in advance. Then start saving, cut back on a couple of things like coffee runs for a while, you will be surprised on how much you will save.
  • Do some research on attractions and places you want to see (I make a to do list on my phone and share it with Roland for input) and look for deals or packages too!
  • Look at the weather! Especially if its your first time going. You want to make sure you pack the right outfits.
  • Stay motivated the entire time, it will get you saving more and you will be happy to spend while on vacation.
  • One thing I do NOT recommend is use your credit cards, if you can use your money do it. You don’t want to get in debt and still come back home and have to pay off your vacation.

Don’t let your plans become just a dream, make them come true. Even road trips to local states is a nice mini getaway from the everyday life.

I hope you use my tips, they have been working well for me. If you have any tips of your own please share! I normally post pictures or videos on my IG page: geradinesnotebook. (Follow ME!) Thank you again for reading!