Focus: Hardwork Pays Off

Do you ever feel like you work so hard and spend so much time on something that you think is getting you no where?

I personally feel this way all the time and when I get into that deep concentration mode I find myself getting angry. Not because of what all I have done to be where I am, but what I didn’t do to be in a better situation. I do regret not taking college in consideration right after I graduated high school. I had plans to work and help my family financially. Then when I decided to go back to school I was 6 years behind and had other responsibilities. That has pushed me back so much but life happens and all I focus on now is moving forward. I do see the light at the end of this long tune.

I always tell my brothers and sister (and young coworkers) to go to college and get their degrees while they are still young with no responsibilities and they have been listening to me (thank God) so I will continue to push them. I know they can do more than they think, so as their  ig sister I am their  biggest fan.

But I wanted to share what I do to motivate yourself and not let anything get in the way of your dream job or life. You have to be positive and open to any situation you are given.

“We are in this life only once and you truly should make it count.” -GF

  1. If you have a dream or passion, follow it no matter what gets in your way. Never doubt yourself.
  2. Money should never be a problem, there are so many scholarships and money given away to student, all you need to do is look for it.
  3. Think about the final results, what your future will look like when you are all done and graduating with your degree.
  4. DO NOT STOP, if you like to learn, keep going, don’t settle for what you have if you know you can do more.
  5. Enjoy the ride, meet new people, take every opportunity and always have your family in mind because at the end of the day, they are the only ones there to support you no matter what happens.
  6. Then you will have those late nights and little sleep, what you do on those extra long days is something just for you to keep you going. (e.g. exercise, coffee run, watch a quick show, bake, take a bath, listen to music for a bit) then get back to it.

We have to be our own cheerleader when it comes to personal goals too, because only you will know what you will do to get there and only you will be the one doing it. If you have any tips on ways that you focus, please let me know!

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