Organization: Keeps you from going Crazy

Do you remember where you left your favorite pen? When was the last time you made a grocery list?

 I don’t know about you, but every Sunday evening I use my phone’s reminder app and start jotting down things I need to do for the week. This helps me stay organized during the week and accomplish things in a timely manner. If something comes up, I open up the app and add it to my list. You can add tabs to it, I have a Reminder tab, Grocery/ Purchase tab and Look into tab. This is what my reminders app looks like, I have alerts for most of my reminders under ‘Scheduled’.


The reason I like to stay organized is to know what all I have to do and where everything is located. I also like to have a visual so I don’t have to keep thinking about it. Roland makes fun of me because I like making lists and have a calendar for everything! But at the end of the week, I know he appreciated my lists.

On IPhones you can have multiple calendars too. My main calendar has events, birthdays, school work due dates, appointments, important school dates (registration) or any deadlines.  I have a special calendar for vacations, things we want to do for the month on our weekends and another for my blog topics. I got this idea from a YouTube video I saw a month ago and it makes it easy for me to know what I am going to write about.

Now for my school work, I use OneNote, again this is app and program that I have on my phone and laptop. I like how you can keep your school notes organized and easy to find. If you have never used it, I suggest you check it out. There are many tutorials on YouTube that are helpful for those who have never used it. This video is one of the first I saw on OneNote and I still refer to it once in a while for help.

If you are ever interested in more organization essentials, check out Alli, here, for free calendar or list! She is amazing and has all sorts of cool calendars and lists you can use. Below are some of my tips on staying organized.

Here are 5 tips for organization from me:

  • Place things in its place! You’ll know where everything is located whenever you need it.
  • Keep a calendar or journal in sight. This helps remind you to write things down, so you don’t forget. I use my phone lol
  • Devote 10 min daily in the morning or evening to write things you have to get done the day of and/or the next day.
  • Avoid any simple distraction like TV or social media because you can easily lose track of time.
  • Stay motivated! Help yourself be organized in life and make thing easier for yourself too.

If you have any tips or suggestions please let me know, I’d love to hear from you.