Vegas: Spring Trip

Hello again, thank you for coming back for those who have been here before and WELCOME to those who are here for the first time.

Over the weekend Roland and I took a mini trip (3 nights) to Las Vegas! I want to say that this city is like our playground and we love going back each year. Or twice a year lol.

Like always I had made a list of things for us to do. I pick a show, day trip and a restaurant for a day and Roland did the same, so we both get to do something we want. On my list, I wanted to ride the Gondola at the Venetian, Titanic Exhibit and dinner at this Mexican Restaurant on Fremont called La Comida. Roland wanted to go see George Lopez, Eat at an Iron Chef restaurant (like always lol) and Big Bus Tour. We also went to the Harley Davidson store and a Blue Man Group show.

The pictures above were at the Venetian, we had the option to get on the Gondola outside or inside, it was way too hot so we decided to do the inside Gondola. It was a very romantic ride, last about 15 minutes and the Gondoliers sing to you :)

When we hopped on the Big Bus Tour we took a lot of pictures, I didn’t want to add all the pictures we took so I picked my best ones. Also, I really recommend the Blue Man Group show! It was a rave+concert+comedy show+ and art show in one.

We stayed at the Luxor, it was a free 3 night stay Roland got after filling out a ticket the last time we went in January for a Corvette contest (which we didn’t win) but we got invited back. I would not stay at the Luxor ever again, I won’t say why, I just wont.

But overall it was beautiful weather, great food, great company and we had a fun time like always. Next time we go to Vegas, we will go to the Red Rock Canyon, Zip Line on Fremont and a Helicopter ride!

I hope you all get a chance to go, you don’t need to get drunk to have a good time. Thank you and come back to hear more about my adventures.