Cinco de Mayo: Real Meaning

Did you know that Mexico does not celebrate Cinco de Mayo like we do here in the U.S.?

Thanks to Puebla who defeated the French in 1862 we can drink margaritas and coronas on May 5th! They ended up winning the Battle of Puebla!

The only town that really celebrates this holiday in Mexico is Puebla. Puebla is located in the heart of Mexico near Mexico City. I personally have not been there before but from the pictures I have seen, it looks beautiful!

Puebla is in the middle, colored in orange.

I hope that people take a second and really think about the reason why they are celebrating May 5th. It’s not all about drinking, it’s a celebration. I wanted to write about this holiday because not many people know why we celebrate it. This picture below is in a street in Puebla.

The colors that are used in these houses are amazingly beautiful. This is very common in Mexico, for people to paint their homes in bright colors. I remember my grandma had painted her house in a pink color one year then changed her mind and painted it a mint green. Lol

Now don’t forget, when you go out to grab a margarita or a beer for Cinco de Mayo, consider why you are there. It’s because of Puebla’s heritage and defeat.

If you have been to Puebla please share with me! I would love to know more about it! Be safe out there this Cinco de Mayo 🍻