Appreciate: Mothers + Military Spouses + Nurses

Today is Mother’s day in Mexico and it’s when I celebrate not only my mom but all the women in my life. This week we are appreciating several important people, we have mothers day Sunday, Friday is military spouse’s day and Friday is also Nurse appreciation day!

First and foremost T H A N K – Y O U to all Military Souses who support our military men and women. A N D every Nurse who loves what they do and always think of others before themselves.


Next, I want to make sure you guys remember to get those special women in your life a little gift so they know you really care and love them! And if you are on a budget do not worry, there is a collection of jewelry pieces that are under $50! Shop here at Luna’s Boutique by C+I. Jewelry can make someone feel very special and its shows a persons style. But most important it brings out a persons confidence because they look good and feel good.


I want to dedicate this to my mom, Lorena. To begin, she is the toughest person I know. I can not thank her enough for raising me and my siblings with so much tough love. This makes us a strong family overall and she makes sure to keep us all together. We know that family is very important to her and my father, so we try to keep stay close enough for them to see us on a weekly basis. Yes, one day we will all grow up and go our separate ways, but we will always be there for each other. Maybe not physically but we will be a snap chat or face time call away LOL. My mom does not like jewelry otherwise I would shower her with everything in my boutique.

Please be grateful for everything your mother does, they are all unique in their own special way. Be thankful for their existence because of them we are here.



Gracias ama por todo lo que ase para nos otros, la queremos mucho.