C+I: Summer Collection 2017

Have you ever wondered where jewelry makers get their inspirations?

C+I went on a journey to Jaipur, India for the Summer 2017 collection and came back so inspired! Their colors, architecture, animals and culture help create a beautiful collection that I’m so happy to share with you all.

Below is a quick video that was made for the launch, check it out to see all the behind the scenes work.


When I first saw this video I wanted to book a trip to India! I love the colors they wear and the elephants with their head gear, look so cute. The food I am not so familiar with but that is definitely a place I would love to visit.

When I placed my order to get some of the pieces I was so undecided because I wanted them all! The colors fit perfect with summer and what I like the most is that most pieces are convertibles. There is a earring set, you can wear 8 times! and a necklaces/ bracelets. Check these pieces out! 

For more, click here to look at the entire collection. Remember, these pieces are not sold in store. They are exclusively from my boutique. 

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