Coffee: Seattle Top 5 Cafes

If you are a coffee lover and have not been to Seattle to try our coffee and visit the city, you are missing out!

For those who do not know, Starbucks originated in Seattle. Their first Starucks location was at Pike Place Market and till this day that very first cafe is still there.

I am a huge coffee fanatic, I love all kinds of coffee. From my moms instant coffee, to Walmarts Great Value brand to the vietnamese iced coffee from my local Pho place. I do like my coffee to be strong and tasteful, not too sweet either. I am not picky either.

So, for the last couple weeks I have been doing my research and I found my top 5 coffee shops in Seattle that are a MUST to visit while in town. Check them out:

If you are like me, and you like a good cup of coffee or latte, whatever your little heart desires. You will stop by one of these locations within the next few weeks and thank me for finding them for you.


If there is a coffee shop that I didnt mention and you live in the Seattle area please let me know! I would love to go check it out.

Thanks for reading!



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