Summer Array: Color Wardrobe

Rompers- Floral- Pastels… Summer 2017 is here and there are so many trend out there that I know I like and will want to wear!♥

I personally love colors, I believe that we should have bright colors in our closet to allow for a pop of your outfit and makes it stand out even more. If you havent noticed, the trends that have been hitting the run way have bright colors, stripes and some “peekaboo” sheer and light weight clothes.

Growing up my parents were very strict when it came to the clothing I wore, my mom wanted me to wear clothes that was in style and my dad was very conservative. So I learned how to dress like a lady, very professional but cute at the same time.  I am not one to show cleavage (even if I had some) and I like to wear jewelry to make my outfits pop. My grandmother always told me and my cousins that we need to look good to feel good. She is the type of person who gets up super early, dresses up and then starts her day. She motivates me when I talk to her because she has no filter and encourages everyone.

There are women who have a favorite body part that they like to show off like your legs or neck. Show it off if it makes you feel comfortable and confident. We have to respect our bodies otherwise no one will treat us with respect. Also, if there is a hat trend and you don’t normally wear hats, just try it on and see how you feel.

I’m only 5’1, and I own a lot of heels, I don’t wear them much because I get tired and when im on active duty orders I wear my uniform. But when we go to a party or a fancy dinner I wear them. I’m not saying that if you are tall you can’t, im just saying because im short I like wearing them to feel a little taller. Women should wear whatever they want and feel comfortable in and as long as its appropriate.

I recently saw a meme that said “When in doubt, dress up”, I love this because sometimes you might get invited to an event and you are not told what to wear. So just dress up and if you’re the only one looking bangin’ who cares.

Being that im very picky with what I wear I shop online because I know what I am looking for. I don’t like to go to the mall or shop at the store because it gets overwhelming. If something doesn’t fit I simply return it.

These are my go to boutiques where I get most of my clothes + shoes + accessories.

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Tops: Fashionnova

Dresses: Great Glam & Fashionnova

Accessories: My Boutique 

I hope you enjoy reading about my style and why its important to dress up, feel confident in your own skin and dont be afraid to try out new trends. Thank you for stopping by.



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