Nature: Hiking Mt Rainier 

The beauty of living in such a green state is having the ability to go out and enjoy what nature has for us.

Many of us have gone to visit Mt. Rainier.  To see the amazing views, catch some fresh air and visit the top, where all the snow is. That snow has piled up for decades, creating glaciers too and its as thick as  700 ft. Did you know that Mt Rainier is also an Active Volcano?? It hasn’t erupted for many years but if you read this article it gives you more info on the last eruption in 1894-95, when small summit explosions were reported by observers in Seattle and Tacoma.

I personally love nature, if I had a safe trail to go walk through everyday in the morning I would defiantly do it. I love the smell of fresh air, trees, small animals the different kinds of plants and the views. No-one there to bother you and you can relax.

Over the Memorial Day weekend I convinced Roland to go hiking instead of hitting the gym. It was going to be our first time going to Mt Rainier together. So, I found a trail that was 3 miles, very steep and it would take us about 2 hours to complete. But before hiking we wanted to go to the top to take pictures and have breakfast.

On the way there you pass little town but one really stands out because you see a lot of trains and vendors selling food. We decided on a place called the Mt Rainier Railroad Dinning. It was a restaurant inside a train (not operable) and the experience was ok, but the food was amazing. I would definitely go back and eat there. There is also a burger joint across the street and an actual train ride Mt Rainier Railroad  that serves food or if you just want a scenic ride they have those too.

I wanted to share some pictures we tool and hope that you are able to visit this beautiful state of ours and this amazingly historic mountain,

And of course, selfies with Bae… I hope you are able to enjoy some nature wherever you are in this world. It’s very beautiful and we have to embrace what nature has for us. Thank you so much for reading and stopping by. Much love!