Travel: Tips for long flights

What happens when you book your dream vacation but dread the long flight there? Well, I experienced my first overseas flight and I have some tips for you that will definitely help you on your first overseas trip!

I came to Germany for my annual tour training and flew alone. Its was my first time coming over seas and I did not know what to expect. As i write this post I sit in a little Cafe inside Ramstein Air Base. I love coffee and wanted get out of my room so I found this place to hang out before work.

Here are 7 tips I want to share with you, keep in mind this is based on my first experience flying overseas:

    1. Book a shuttle or personal driver in advance– It can be a little overwhelming coming into a country and have no clue how to read the street signs or know their driving regulations. Also, they come into the airport looking for you with a sign!
    2. Book your flight so you arrive at your destination in the morning– This allows you to sight see on your way to your hotel and even enjoy the evening.
    3. Wear comfortable clothing– You never know the temperature inside the plane so you want to be able to get cozy whether its warm or cold. Also, wear socks so you can take your shoes off and not have to touch the dirty floor.
    4. Don’t worry about buying food– International flights will feed you, I had dinner +  breakfast, also the flight attendants offer beverages 3 times. If you travel with children you might want to take some snacks for them.
    5. Electronic Devices– Pack your charges, most fight now have USB plugins to charge your devices. Also, bring your headphones to watch a movie or listen to music.
    6. Books or entertainment– If you bring a book to read, that will help make the flight seem not so bad. And if you rather watch a movie you can watch 2-3 depending on the flight time, time will go by quicker when you watch movies.
    7. Seat selection & stretching– Do you want aisle or window? I personally like the aisle seats because I don’t have to bother anyone when I need to use the restroom or just get to stretch. On my 10 hr flight I would get up every 2 hours to walk to the back of the plane and back to my seat. You can stretch while sitting down too with these exercise.

I have been here for 3 days now and I have driven on the auto-bond (freeway) which is overwhelming at first but after a while you get used to it. Just make sure to follow the speed limits and use a GPS for the best directions. Also, driving in the evening you need to pay close attention because not many places have street lights.

Plus- when you are in another country, the first thing to do is exchange some dollars for their currency. Some places might not accept debit or credit cards.

When in doubt do not be afraid to ask for directions or help. People are willing to give you a hand. But keep important numbers and make sure your phone works for international travel. If you are staying for a while (over a month) you might need to get a sim card so you don’t have to pay outrageous amounts of money for your phone service.

Also, this is my last important tip. LEARN ABOUT THE CULTURE- the last thing you want to do is offend the locals. 

I hope this helps for your next overseas trip! I would love to hear from you and any tips you may have that I didn’t mention. Thanks for stopping by and reading.