Leadership: Skill to have

Are you a leader or a follower?

Have you ever wondered why some people say “They are natural-born leaders” or “Followers make better leaders”. Well over the past couple years, I have had the opportunity to be a leader and follower. Depending on what role I had at the time I prefer to be a leader. I am a person who likes to teach others, motivate them to pursue their goals, team growth and have great communication with each other, and most important trust.

I will go over my top 5 leadership qualities and give you tips on how YOU can become a leader.

  • Honesty: We all like people who are honest right? I believe this is the number one quality because if your employees know you are always telling the truth they will believe you and follow you. But most important they have your trust.
  • Delegate:  You need to be able to delegate tasks! A great leader gets their team involved and trust their team to get the work done, to be more efficient.
  • Communicate & Confidence- Be clear of what you need to get accomplished and have an open door policy (at certain times). Having confidence that your team can see will bring assurance to everyone and continue to move forward.
  • Commitment & Positive Attitude– Being committed to your employees and organization is a must,  people like to feel like the belong especially when they see you working with them. Also believing in your mission and reminding everyone why they are there is critical. Positive vibes really helps improve morale.
  • Creative & Inspiration: Think outside the box! Read articles and listen to the news on what is the new thing, learn new technology and get inspired. Also, asking your team what they think is another way to get them involved and feel needed.
  • Empathy & Awareness: Be aware of what is happening in your employees life, they appreciate when you ask about their family or what they been up too.

There are more qualities, but these are the ones I really abide to. Now, let me tell you the different types of leaderships that you can be or simply relate too. 

  1. Authoritative: These leaders have visions and want to get to them quickly, they move employees towards a new goal.
  2. Affiliative:  These leaders fight for their employees and really appreciate them. They promote better work environments and create bonds.
  3. Democratic: These leaders want to hear from employees, they build consensus through participation.
  4. Coaching: These leaders build and develop future leaders, they encourage employees to move forward and provide a positive work climate.
  5. Commanding:  These leaders want things done when they say, it’s mostly used in the military but its effective when your team is in a crisis.
  6. Pacesetter: These leaders expect and model excellence and self direction. They are great when you have a skilled team and need to make changes quickly.

The reason I wanted to talk about leadership is because I want my people (Family, Friends and Coworkers) to move forward and better themselves. We are here to make a change, to give a great example to our children or siblings. Being a leader can really help you be a better person and not be selfish, especially if you have a team to work with.

First you need to learn how to be a good follower, this will teach you how you want to be as a leader and what not to be as a leader. Leaders have the ability to change people’s lives. If you think about it, Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader, because people saw him and noticed him and persuade him to be one because had the qualities.

Never estimate your power and willingness to be a leader. If you want to learn more, talk with your supervisor or manager to let them know you are interested in a leadership role.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I am always happy to hear from you. if you have tips on any good leadership qualities or skills pass them along!

Thank you for reading!