Germany: Cafes & Chill

As you already know, I am a huge coffee drinker. While I was in Germany my goal was to go to a different cafe every day or other day when I had time to enjoy good German coffee. Let me tell you, they love their coffee- latte- cappuccino and everything with caffeine! I was stunned to see so many coffee shops and bakeries.

We had a Wasgau Bakery on base, this was our go to place for coffee because the only Starbucks nearby would always be busy. I think I had Starbucks 3 or 4 times while I was there. On base was another cafe called the ECafe (E for Enlisted) they had great lunch items. Something we don’t have in Washington is Dunkin’ Donuts! I love their iced coffee and of course, their donuts. They always had different selections which I loved.

But off base, when we went to Rudeshiem, which was about 1.3 hours from base I was on a mission to find a cute little cafe. When we arrived around noon, we walked around and I kept seeing people drinking out of this white and burgundy ceramic cup… Β “Iris Coffee Mug Cup” looks like this:

This caught my eyes right away…. so the next cafe we stopped and all I did was point at the picture on the menu (I took a picture of it) and the waitress brought this tray with Asbach (German Brandy), Fresh Coffee, a lighter and whipped cream on a plate with chocolate sprinkles. I was so excited for this coffee you have no idea!

What the waitress did was light up the 3 sugar cubes after pouring some brandy in the cup. After that she mixed until the sugar dissolved and flames diminished. Β Then, she added the coffee and whipped cream on top. I ordered an apple pie pastry to go along with my coffee.

I will defiantly try to make this at home, all I need is that brandy and one of those cups. I was able to record the waitress making it so I have that as a reference.

I hope you get to visit Germany, and I’m sure you will enjoy plenty cups of coffee anywhere you go. If you have any comments or questions please let me know! Thanks for reading!