HOT Coffee in the summer? Why not!

If you are like me and NEED your morning coffee or mid day coffee, you wouldn’t mind what the temperature outside is, right?

This summer in the PNW it has been getting a little to hot for us. Which we love because we only get up to the high 80’s in the summer. But when I was going to grab some coffee at my local Starbucks, I wanted to order the normal GNFL (Grande-Non-Fat-Latte) BUT  I thought to my self “This barista are going to think I’m crazy for ordering a hot drink when its 88 degrees out”. So I ordered an Iced Carmel Mocchiato (my next go to drink).

Then I realized that I needed to do some research and write a post on this. Because I want YOU- all my fellow hot coffee drinkers to know if it’s worth drinking hot coffee in 85+ degree weather. Or if it’s not such a good idea.

So these are my findings:

According to Science of Us, when you drink a hot beverage and it hits your stomach, your sweat mechanisms will overreact and automatically start to feel cool. BUT it doesn’t work if you are super sweaty because the coffee (that’s supposed to cool you down) will just evaporate from your skin.

The Center for Heart, Lung and Vascular Health at the University of British Colombia stated that our bodies, when hot, naturally ‘cool down’ which is important. And again when our bodies sense the hot liquid in our stomach it sends signals to the hypothalamus in our brain letting it know that we are hot.

So yes, its true, hor coffee cools you down if you aren’t drenched in sweat. But staying hydrated during the summer is very important. The average recommended water intake is 8- 8oz per day.

Tips for staying hydrated:

  • Water carries heat away from your internal organs before serious damage  happens
  • Helps prevent thirst, exhaustion and keeps your blood at a right consistency
  • Children, elderly and pets need extra attention too, they need help staying hydrated
  • If you exercise, drinking cold water will give you a boost to exercise at least 12 minutes longer
  • Carry water with you wherever you go!

I am an advocate for healthy eating, staying hydrated, and really taking care of yourself. Your body will thank you later and think of you body as a car. You want to take care of it so it doens’t break down on you.

If you have any tips on how to stay hydrated and what kind of coffee you like to drink on a warm day, write me back :)

Thank you for reading! And come back form more.