My Journey to Clear Skin

After grow up with acne and dealing with it all my teenage years, as an adult I’m able to manage and control my acne. I struggled so much with it, that it really affected my confidence and middle school + high school days.

There are people who saw me when I was a teenager who hadn’t seen me in a long time, after i began a acne medication treatment and say I look like a new person. I am going to tell you my story about my severe acne days and how i pushed myself to get the treatment i needed at age 11.

We all have different skin types, and some of us get acne because we are becoming teenager and our hormones are out of control. I think that my siblings and I have acne because both of my parents had it. So my conclusion is that it was genetically passed on to us.  I used to think it was just my hormones that began to spurs at age 10, until I read about genetic acne. But month after month my acne just got worse. I asked my mom to make a doctor’s appointment and overtime id go, all I’d get was “Its normal, it’ll go away, just drink water and use this benzoyl peroxide cream at night.” This happened over 5 times in several months, after I needed refills. The last time the doctor saw how desperate I looked to get rid of my acne that I got a referral to a dermatologist in Seattle. Here I am at age 11, with severe acne trying to do everything I can to get my face, neck, back, ears, and chest cleared up. Yes, I had acne in all those places.

I finally went to my appointment. I was so excited. Me and my mom had to take the bus there because it was in downtown. When we get there I translate for my mom, fill out papers and go inside. When we get called back, they do an assessment and the dermatologist comes in to tell me my options. I remember her telling me about Accutane, how great the medication works, how it will clear up my skin, it’s a 6 month treatment and of course the side effects. If you want to learn more on this medication click here.

I translated everything to my mom and she was skeptical, she really didn’t like the fact that I needed to come in once a month and take a pregnancy test before getting a new prescription. I begged her that i wanted to try it and it was all protocol, I was 11 and she didn’t have to worry about the pregnancy test. Once I got my prescription i had to enroll in the iPledge program, that gives you information on the side effects of taking the medication and how it really affects unborn babies. It is very important to NOT take the medication if you are planning on getting regnant or are pregnant.

Well after my first month I saw results. I was so excited, It was such an amazing feeling when my face started to clear up. I noticed right away my skin was not as oily as before and my pimples were drying up. My mom and close family saw the difference too and I would get compliments for my skin. I knew that after the treatment I needed to keep my skin looking healthy and whenever I would see my dermatologist id get tips on keeping my skin looking great.


After several years I finally found what works for me besides having to take Accutane. I’m going to share my weekly routine with you to try. I wanted to share a before and after picture of what my skin looked when I was younger but I would not find any. I really hated taking pictures back then.

Weekly skin routine:

Sundays & Wednesday – Before bed I use the Avocado and Oatmeal Clay mask

Tuesday & Thursday – Activated Charcoal and Honey Mask

Once a month I use a Turmeric  Face Whitening Cream to make my skin look bright

Drink 8-80z cups of water daily (its hard but you get used to it)

I don’t use moisturizer or lotions on my face, I use Organic Wear: Bright Booster Oil

For my body I always use coconut oil lotion I made last year, I found it on Pinterest :) Coconut Oil- Lavender Oil and Vitamin E

I avoid super greasy or fried foods and anything too sweet, I have a sweet tooth and its hard to avoid pastries (my favorites) but having a bite wont hurt

It’s very important to take care of your skin and avoid getting any damage because its easier to avoid that, than to have to live with damaged skin for the rest of your life.

My mom always told me that you have to take good care of yourself because at the end of the day maybe no one will. Ans its true, you should care about the way you look and feel. For yourself and NOT for others.

I you have any tips or have questions let me know! Thank you for reading my story I love sharing my experiences.