How to handle your busy life!

This topic is going to be lengthy BUT very informative! I have to say, I personally have struggled to keep up with all my projects. I did some reading, research and watched some videos of very highly productive people and they all had the same message. Which is to MAKE A LIST everyday, of things you have to do for the day. Then you decide which ones are the hardest or the ones that will take more time and knock them out first.

Do not be a victim of failure!

On my last post I talked about motivating yourself and that is exactly what you have to do on a daily basis to get things done. The simplest task shouldn’t take no more than 3-5 minutes to complete. a more complex task can range from minutes to hours BUT you should take a small break every 30-45 minutes because you don’t want to get exhausted or overwhelmed.

These are some of my tips that I have adapted to keep me on track, for the last month it has been working great but I still tweak it until I get it perfect:

  • Use a calendar either on your phone or on paper
    • Writing events, trips, birthdays, etc. is another less thing to worry about
    • I use my Law of Attraction Planner for school and my iPhone calendar for everything else
  • Always keep a note pad on you or use your notes app on your iPhone
    • If you have an idea or just something comes up that you want to remember to do later or look into write it down, otherwise you will forget
    • I use my reminders app and notes app on my iPhone ALL the time
  • Practice daily GOOD habits
    • If you want to exercise or just get up a little early for some time to yourself do it!
    • I began to wake up everyday but Sunday at 4:20am to get a workout (because there is fewer people at the gym in the morning) and I haven’t stopped, now my body knows to wake up early. It also allows me to have some personal time on Sundays to meditate or focus on my projects because I still get up early.
    • You can also practice to Stop a bad habit, like no soda for 30 days after those 30 days you probably wont need to drink soda everyday.
  •  Remember that you are not a superhero and cant do it all in one day
    • Everything takes baby steps, doing 1-3 things or 1 hr. a day to get closer to your goal is the way to go.
    • On my planner I set aside time to study, time to do “other” work and or time to read for 30 minutes
    • If I am working on a project I set a list of things I need to accomplish for the week and try to complete them all, if not ill push them for the following week.
  • Daily to do list!
    • You can do this at night or in the morning but I write down what I need to do and limit my list to 5 items, and which ones need to be done first.
    • There are some people who add times to their items, for example if I need to write a post I allow myself 1 hour to complete it. Then list my next item after a small break of finishing my post.
  • Ask for help
    • If you need help around the house or at work, ask for help. I always say that if you have multiple people who know your job and is willing to learn, why not! they can always be a back up or someone you can trust to help, you just have to teach them.
  • My last tip is NEVER take on too many projects!
    • You will not succeed if you have 10+ going on at once
    • Start one project and finish it all the way BEFORE you start another one

Be Efficient- Productive- and Motivate yourself to accomplish your goals!

If you look on Pinterest, and search How to Stay Organized, you will have so many things come up because people do need to learn how to manage time and really focus on things that are important. Wasting time on unimportant things is not a good habit, being productive will allow you to have more time to do the fun stuff!

If you have any tips send them to me! I am always looking for ways to save time and be more efficient! Thanks for reading.