Choosing your perfect Career! 

Wow! Almost 2 weeks and im finally back at it! I apologize for bot writing soon BUT a lot of good things have been going on that I will share with you later! 

I wanted to share some careers that you can do with little or no schooling because faceit, we are all busy working to go to college full time. But if you are going DONT STOP! Get your degrees 👩🏽‍🎓👨🏽‍🎓

For those who love to fly! Why not become a Commercial Pilot? They require a High School diploma and you just pay for your training. The median annual salary is $75,744!  

Do you like more of the administrative side of things? How about a Office Manger! Requirements are normally a high school diploma and some administrative office experience. The median annual salary is $52,602 or more depending on who you work for.  

Anyone interested in the medical field can get course done at a community college, usually a couple months and become a Surgical Technologist!  The median annual salary is $45,064 to start and will definitely increase in a hospital setting.   

Are you computer savvy? What about a Support Specialist? The median salary is $61,803 and more depending on the company you wor for. Also, this can lead to other opportunities to start your side hustle and start a tech company as a web developer! 

And last but not least- my favorite! Do what you love! Here are some ideas whereyou can start your own business at home! 

  • Daycare
  • Cleaning service 
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Coaching andMentoring 
  • Sell your crafts or art
  • Bakery- sell your cookies or cakes 

Life is too short to work in a job you hate. Find your passion! What do you like to do?  
Start to follow entrepreneurs who started with nothing and are successful today.  You can be your own boss- make your own schedule- and make the money you want. 

I recommend getting the Podcast app and listen to podcast of people who will make you a better person sn encourage you more to do what you love. Just start by making a list of the things you enjoy and how you could be able to make a business or get your dream job. 

Thank you for reading! Id love to hear what you do! Or any tips that you may have 🤗